activities to prepare big siblings

Why prepare big siblings?

Children can experience a range of feelings when a new sibling is born (and for some time after). Some children feel jealousy, surprise, frustration and bewilderment. Some children feel absolute shock.

Preparing a child for a new baby can help them cope.

These preparations can be simple, inexpensive and present a great opportunity to bond with your child.

In an article in the Stonnington Boroondara Kids magazine (Summer 2018/2019 edition), we encouraged parents to share the pregnancy and nesting experience with their child/ren and suggested ways to get older child/ren involved.

Creative activity ideas to prepare big siblings

There are a range of activities to help big brothers and sisters prepare for a new arrival.

In a series of social media posts in 2018/2019, we suggested some creative ideas to try. Here they are all in one spot!

Some activities will be more engaging than others for you and your child! Choose activities that appeal to your child based on their interests, personality and age.

For more information about how to engage your child in Big Sibling Activity #1 and some reassurance that even your very little soon-to-be big brother or sister can get involved in drawing activities, see our blog post here.