activities for big brothers and sisters

Why do activities with big brothers and sisters?

Children can experience a range of feelings when a new sibling is born. Some children feel jealousy, suprise, frustration and bewilderment. Even absolute shock.

Preparing children for a new baby can help them cope with all the changes to family life.

These preparations can be simple and inexpensive. In an article in the Stonnington Boroondara Kids magazine (Summer 2018/2019 edition), available here, I talk about how your children can share in the pregnancy and nesting experience. The article also provides some tips for getting your older children involved.

Creative activity ideas for big brothers and sisters

There are so many ideas for activities for big brothers and sisters to help them prepare for a new arrival. In a series of social media posts, I suggested some creative ideas to try. And here they are in one spot!

Of course, some activities will be more engaging than others. What appeals and works for you and your child will depend on the child’s personality, interest level and age, so use what works for you and your child!

For more information about how to engage your child in Big Sibling Activity #1 and some reassurance that even your very little soon-to-be big brother or sister can get involved in drawing activities, see my blog post here.