Let’s draw with our take home packs

Congratulations on your Squiggle Kids Take Home Pack!

There's fun, creativity, play and learning inside!

This pack is specially curated for little hands and developing young drawers.

Wondering how to get started? What to create? In these videos, we provide some ideas. But, what else? There really is no limit!

A note on materials...

Did you notice something about the paper plate and the corrugated card?

They’re both ordinary and low cost household items! The corrugated card might be part of the packaging from your next purchase. Due for the recycling bin, try adding it to your creative cupboard first!

At Squiggle Kids we like to use ordinary, inexpensive and recycled items to stimulate drawing activities. What else can you find in your home to create with?

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We have a range of original drawing books for children from around 3 and up in our shop (download and print and shipped options available). We also stock a range of Little Brian Paint Sticks. Clean, bold and bright, Little Brian Paint Sticks are a Squiggle Kids go-to! And perhaps take a look at a Squiggle Kids Take Home Pack for gifting to friends and family!

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We hope you enjoy your Squiggle Kids Take Home Pack and these activity ideas. We’d love to hear about your experiences and see some photos.

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