our story

our story

In the late stages of a third pregnancy, a little book with a big purpose came to life…

Unable to find a book that suited her family and that provided comprehensive guidance for her older boys about what a new baby in the family would mean, Lauren Gardiner set about writing one herself.

The baby + me book and the me mo books publishing brand represents a fusion of Lauren’s parenting experiences:

  • the experience of sharing children’s picture books and rediscovering their value as a tool for communication and nuturing the parent-child bond
  • the experience of juggling the needs of an infant and older children, particularly in the newborn stage (and haze): when Mummy or Daddy play time is interrupted; when Mummy and Daddy need space or quiet to feed or settle the baby; when days are upside down and just getting out of the house is a big deal!
  • the experience of “social stories” as a way to help children transition to new environments and situations through personalised visual representations

Add to that the insights of Debbie Isaac gained over many years as a paediatric occupational therapist and as a mum of three…

And the beautiful and bright designs and illustrations of Grace West…

And what do you get?

“A delightful book, simply written and illustrated and pitched perfectly at the older sibling of a pending new brother or sister.” Dr David Carolane F.R.A.C.P.