Farmyard Series – Mini Drawing Books

AUD $ 1.45 (inc GST)

This printable series of mini drawing books in our EXTENDING FROM CIRCLES range is perfect for children that can draw a circle independently and can make circles into simple forms.

Looking for screen-free fun, with some learning and development on the go? These books are perfect for waiting rooms and cafes. In fact, they’re great for whenever you’re on the go!

Your child will have fun building different farmyard friends (a step-by-step guide is included) and trying the extension activity on the final page (whole A4 page).

Written, illustrated and designed by a children’s occupational therapist and parent team.

Series includes six books to encourage your child to have fun and build confidence drawing.

Detailed parent notes are also included.

DOWNLOAD SPECS – Once ordered, file is available for download five times for up to five days.

PRINTING AND FOLDING GUIDE – Print on A4 paper, portrait orientation and double-sided. Once printed, fold each sheet on grey lines (pages are numbered 1 to five).



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