Squiggle Fun at the Fair Drawing Activity Book

AUD $ 1.95 (inc GST)

This printable drawing activity book is perfect for children early on their drawing journey using scribble and older children that may enjoy returning to these activities as a way of stimulating interest in mark making and testing out new drawing tools.

Your child will have fun using squiggles to complete the pictures in this book, including creating hay for the pigs to lay in and lots of fairy floss. The story will take parent and child on an outing to a fair with Happy Critter, giving them lots of prompts and things to talk about!

Written, illustrated and designed by a children’s occupational therapist and parent team.

16 pages of drawing prompts encourage your child to have fun with squiggles.

There are blank pages at the back for more squiggles – Mum and Dad are encouraged to join in too!

Detailed parent notes are also included.

DOWNLOAD SPECS – Once ordered, file is available for download five times for up to five days.

PRINTING AND STAPLING GUIDE – Print on A4, landscape orientation to maximise drawing space and staple in right or left top corner. For even more drawing space, print on A3, landscape orientation!


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