Squiggle Fun with Letters

AUD $ 1.95 (inc GST)

This book is no ordinary book of ABCs, where “A” is for apple, ant and Australia.

Rather, using letters as a starting point, children are encouraged to look at the letter shape and draw an image from it. So “A” could be a rocket, a house, an ice-cream or something else entirely!

This printable drawing activity book is for pre-school aged children and older children at school learning to write or having difficulty writing. It aims to foster an interest in and recognition of letters in a natural and playful way.

Written, illustrated and designed by a children’s occupational therapist and parent team.

15 pages of drawing prompts (some written, other’s drawn) encourage your child to have fun with letters.

Detailed parent notes are also included.

DOWNLOAD SPECS – Once ordered, file is available for download five times for up to five days.

PRINTING AND STAPLING GUIDE – Print on A4, portrait orientation. We suggest leaving the pages unstapled so the child can work through the pages in an order of their choosing. For even more drawing space, print on A3, portrait orientation!


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