squiggle kids

Picture of an adult and child drawing together at a table with the words Squiggle Kids on the photograph

Drawing with kids!

Yes! It’s what we want all one to six year old kids to be doing with their parents and carers!

And why?

Research points to the importance of drawing for early years learning and development and school readiness.

Drawing is a tool for the development of verbal language skills in children. When children draw, they often talk. Drawing can help a child to express their ideas and identity both in the drawing itself and in conversation about it with an educator, parent/carer and peers. Drawing offers an extension activity to shared book reading.

Drawing is play with mark making tools and can be a stimulus for imaginative and social play experiences. For example, the creation of a shopping list or play money can be used in a game of “shops”. The creation of a hat or mask can be used in a role play.

Drawing is also a precursor to writing (a series of drawing patterns). Drawing helps children to develop the fine motor skills they need to write as well as visual skills and memory skills, which are also used for handwriting.

When done with an engaged adult, drawing also presents a wonderful opportunity to bond, for fun and play with your child and to teach your child about the world (colours, shapes, emotions).

Inspiring parents to draw with children

Through workshops and drawing activity books, Squiggle Kids aims to inspire shared drawing activities between parents and children.

We aim to give parents the knowledge, skills and ideas to stimulate and extend drawing and use it as a tool for learning and development at home. Our drawing books encourage kids to draw and build confidence drawing.

See below for more on our workshops and to see upcoming workshops.

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Catch the Squiggle Kids jingle!

Yes, we have our very own original Squiggle Kids music. Composed and performed by Anthony Barnhill, our Squiggle Kids song features in every Squiggle Kids incursion!

When we play this music we encourage kids and adults to warm up their arms, legs, necks, voices, eyes – in fact their whole body – with dance, singing and movement.

Why? Because drawing is a whole body activity. And because singing and dancing to this fantastic tune also helps everyone – busy mums, dads, carers and children – shift into the here and now!

We’re often asked if we can share the Squiggle Kids song so families can enjoy it at home. Find the lyrics and the recording on the right so you can play, sing and dance along too!