Squiggle Kids audio drawing book pilot

Welcome to the Squiggle Kids audio drawing book pilot page!

We’re so happy you’re here to test our latest idea!

We’ve been creating drawing resources to promote drawing with children for a while, but never an audio drawing book!

Can you help us to work out if our latest idea is a hit or a miss?

If so, read on! All you need for testing is on this page. So grab your little one, the materials you need and hit play on the audio file to begin. You can give feedback via the relevant form below.

Drawing tools and materials you need

Audio drawing book: Up in the sky!


Up in the Sky

Feedback form

We have two feedback forms. Choose the form that best describes your family’s participation in Squiggle Kids workshops and incursions to date.

The feedback form should take no longer than 3 minutes.

We would appreciate your honest feedback.