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Introducing Squiggle Kids drawing books

Each Squiggle Kids drawing activity book is created with a developmental focus and includes a fun and engaging narrative and simple drawing prompts. Here’s the why:

  • Children’s drawing skills vary and it’s important to provide stimuli and activities that are developmentally appropriate.
  • Shared book reading is a go-to literacy activity for children where the book is the script. Our drawing activity books build on that idea – including stories to guide the drawing activity – and engage both adult and child and encourage working together to complete the activities. Through drawing, the child can contribute to the story telling, as well as put a stamp of ownership on the book.
  • Simple drawing prompts and drawing starters help alleviate barriers to getting started. We have observed that children (adults too…) can have trouble starting a drawing, indeed anything at all with a stark blank page. We’ve termed this “blank page fright” (a play on “stage fright”). 

See here for some hints for parents and carers on working on Squiggle Kids drawing activity books.

Selecting Squiggle Kids drawing books for your child

The current range of Squiggle Kids drawing books can be divided into two groups:

  • Starting Circles books
  • Extending From Circles books 

In addition to this, we have two new titles:

  • a BRAND NEW book called “Squiggle Fun at the Fair” for children in the scribble stage (from around 12 months to around 4 years)  and older children that may enjoy returning to scribble as a way of stimulating interest in mark making and testing out new drawing tools
  • a BRAND NEW book called “Squiggle Fun with Letters” for pre-school aged children up to lower primary school that fosters an interest in letters in a playful and natural way

Children’s drawing skills vary, including among children of a similar age. As the age of the child is a guide only, the descriptions included in the image (right) will help you select books for your child.

Squiggle Kids Book Buying Guide

Books for children STARTING CIRCLES

These Squiggle Kids books are the perfect way to stimulate and extend your child’s early drawing.

With a simple and fun story line and activities to match, these books facilitate parent and child reading and drawing together, which can be fun, educational and relationship building for everyone involved!

Choose from three Starting Circles books:

  • An Adventure With Squiggle Pop Maze Book
  • A Critter’s Day Out Drawing Activity Book
  • Not Just Round Drawing Activity Book

Or increase the value, the fun and the education and buy the Squiggle Kids Starting Circles book pack!


Small in size but not in important learning and development for your child, these mini drawing books are the perfect screen-free activity for you and your child for waiting rooms and cafes. In fact, they’re great for whenever you’re on the go!

Your child will love to build an image step by step with the help of Squiggle Pop, our resident drawing enthusiast!

Choose from three different series (six mini books in each):

  • Farmyard Series
  • Outer Space Series
  • Ocean Life Series

Or increase the value, the fun and the education and buy the Squiggle Kids Extending From Circles book pack!

Squiggle Kids Drawing Book Bundle

Maximise the value, the fun and the education with this bundle of Squiggle Kids Drawing Books.

Bundle includes:

  • Adventure Fun with Squiggle Pop
  • A Critter’s Day Out
  • Not Just Round
  • Farmyard Series Mini Drawing Books
  • Outer Space Series Mini Drawing Books
  • Ocean Life Series Mini Drawing Books
Squiggle Kids Drawing Book Bundle

Questions and feedback?

We’d love to know what works and what doesn’t work in our drawing activity book range and any questions you might have, as your feedback and questions will help shape what we do next!

Send an email to squigglekidsau@gmail.com – we’d love to hear from you!