more drawing resources

More drawing resources

Want some Summer drawing inspo?

We wrote an article for MAMAMAG, a Melbourne Mama publication, for Dec/Jan and you can read it here:

Want 10 drawing activity ideas for families in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We wrote an article for CHILD Magazines in April 2020 and you can read it here:

A drawing a day…our top 10 drawing activity ideas for families


Squiggle Kids recommends

Here are some books we recommend for ideas for drawing with kids:

The Book of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken – a beautiful picture book that encourages children to think differently about mistakes. Perhaps they are part of the creative journey and lead to something wonderful? Perhaps they, just like all of our successes, go towards making us who we are?

It’s not scribble to me by Kate Ritchie – a gorgeous picture book that highlights drawing as a tool of communication and expression for children, while also acknowledging the difficulties parents can face with the mess of it all! The final page invites parents to draw with their children: “Could you sit next to me, and please draw me the magical things that you see?”

Art workshops for children by Herve Tullet – provides inspiration for 11 art activities for adults to do with children at home, at school, at parties or other special events

Drawing activity inspo!

Drawing activity 1: Copy these lines onto a piece of paper.

Ask: Where am I? What am I doing?

Drawing activity for children

Drawing activity 2: Copy this shape onto a piece of paper.

Ask: What can I do with this?